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Remove Gel Polish at home and nail care products: shellac or opi kit

Nowadays everyone knows about the last innovations in manicure, including gel nail polish. So it’s interesting to find out how it is done. Gel polish takes much time to do it, but it wears better than traditional manicure does. The cost of one set is about $30, so it’s quite a good deal. Having made gel polish, you receive nice nails, without any hassle and paying much money.

Advantages of Gel Nail Polish

This innovation in manicure has one of the principle benefits. The gel nail polish looks like other types of polish, but it keeps its effect much longer – about two weeks. Like gel nails, it cures hard. So, there is less chance that nails will chip.

How to Get Started

If you want to receive beautiful gel nails, first you must buy a starter kit. These kits are being sold in a few companies.

In one of special supply stores for salons or online you can buy the CND Shellac Maxi Complete and UV Lamp in addition to it. On Pure Spa Direct web-site there is a large amount of products for salons and wellness centers. The whole set of different Shellac colors costs about $500. You may also buy a smaller kit, made by OPI Axxium. It includes a set of 6 colors, some supplies and tools for doing gel nail polish. For example, Nail Polish Diva sells this kit for $125.99. Pay attention that you’ll have to purchase the UV lamp separately.

The Procedure of Gel Nail Polish

After buying starter kit you may begin to do gel nails. In comparison with doing acrylic nails this process is much simpler and can be done quickly. It takes only about 35 or 45 minutes.

First file, clip and buff nails. Then cover them with base gel and wait for 2 minutes while they are dry. Use the UV lamp for drying nails.

Then choose one of the colors from the kit and cover nails with gel. Ensure that you cover all the surface. Leave the nails to become dry under the lamp for 2 minutes. And finally, cover the nails with the top coat and let them to become dry again. To get a flawless manicure, you may add some more time for curing your nails under the lamp.

Removing Gel Nail Polish

Gel polish is easy to do and it is quite easy to remove. Here are some instructions about removing gel nail polish.

  • Put a finger wrap into a glass dish with acetone. Don’t use plastic containers because acetone can erode it.
  • Wrap the area near the nail, after 10-12 minutes slide it off. In case there are spots left clean the nails with cotton with acetone.
  • If you use nail starter kits you’ll learn to do nail polish quite easy and quickly.

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