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Manicuring for the perfect nails and nail care products: basic nail care

Nothing is better as a cosmetic procedure for nails than a manicure. The meaning is: manus – that is hand, cure means care. There are known lots of kinds of manicure but in general this procedure includes filing of nails, giving the shape to them, removing of cuticle.

Pedicure is the similar procedure with feet. The most popular procedure of manicure implies cutting of nails, making them of a right shape. there is a polish of nails and painting of them. Some people make treatment of false nails among which there are acrylics, nail tips and gel nails. there exist some kinds of manicure that include making a picture on nails or designing of jewelries.

Keratin is the base of nails. It is a hard protein , it is one of the elements that form our body. Taking care of nails and toes helps defense the nails and we can take small things with them. at the moment we need nails not as for protection as for beauty. It is demanded to do manicure one time a week at home, every 5 weeks it’s good to go to a manicurist. He or she knows about nails’ health and beauty quite everything. Everyone wants healthy and good-looking nails, so you are welcome on our pages. There is a way of possessing nice and well-groomed nails without visiting a manicurist very often.

Nail care tips – that’s how you can get the nails you have dreamt about.

Grime. Use a scrub before going out, take also a kind soap with not hot water. Take a nailbrush to move away dirt underneath your nails. Then put oil on nails and under them to move away cleansing agents.

Infections. The fungus infection implies friability, yellowness or whiteness of nails. Another feature of the possible infection is a separation of nails. Remember:if it is so you must visit a doctor who will advice you some medical nail polish. If you found hangnails cut them gently. That’s is how you will avoid different infections.

Basic nail care. Here are some rules for keeping your nails in a good form – wash nails with soap with help of nailbrush -keep the hands in water of middle temperature for easier deleting of cuticle (those are bits of skin near nails) – so if the cuticles are visible and uneven move them away softly – cut the nails to make them the similar length and delete all roughness bits – make the ends of nails smooth -apply the cream for hands on dry hands and it ain’t have to smell sickly sweet. If you have as bad habitude as biting of nails then buy a special polish. You will not ever want to bite them again for it has a disgusting oder.

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